Leave of Absence and Returning

International student can also apply for leave of absence for a certain period of time. However, applying for leave of absence means invalidating your student visa. Student who applies for the leave of absence must depart within the 30 days from the day of application. To prevent any confusion over this issue, student can visit our center and receive counseling before applying for leave of absence. On departure, student must return his/her alien registration card to the immigration officer at the airport as it no longer is valid.

In addition to student who takes a leave of absence, any international student who goes on an exchange program for a semester or more outside of Korea is considered to have stopped his/her study. This change in student status is report to the immigration and students are to turn in his/her ARC at the airport.

Students who are returning back to Korea after a leave of absence, must submit the ‘Reinstatement Form’ to the affiliated department in order to receive new Certificate of Admission for your student visa (D-2) application. Please make sure to fill in correct address for your visa document in the form.

Any returning student who requests a new COA must pay for shipping fee of 3,000KRW for delivering within Korea or 30,000KRW overseas. Please refer to the account information below;

Once student obtain the Certificate of Admission from the university, she/he must visit the nearest Korean embassy or consulate office for applying new student visa (D-2). The required documents for returning student’s visa includes, a new Certificate of Admission, passport and passport sized color photo (3.5cm×4.5cm) and etc.