Choosing Where to Live

From on-campus to off-campus student housing or privately rented houses and studios, you will find place that suits your life style

On-campus accommodation

On-campus accommodation is convenient to access facilities and social events organized by student clubs at Korea University. Upon acceptance of the on-campus housing offer, students are required to make advance payment of their accommodation fees to secure the room. However Korea University is not able to guarantee all international students on-campus accommodation.

Korea University’s on-campus accommodation for international students consists of three buildings that are home to over 700 students from overseas. All three buildings have rooms that are fully-furnished with kitchen facilities in each building so that students can make simple food or snacks. The condition of the rooms may vary due to the date each building was built as well as its rates and room types. All three buildings provide IT connections (wireless), shared bathrooms, common rooms, fitness center and laundry room. Students are able to purchase meal plans which they could use in the central cafeteria that provides 3 meals a day. More details about staying on campus, please feel free to contact 02-3290-1554 or . Check out each dorm room types and rates by clicking ‘International Student Housing’

CJ I-House

Students in the same suite will share shower booth and toilets.
Each student is provided with single bed, desk and closet. No linen is provided. CJ I house is a co-ed housing but there is a separate floor for female and male students.

Room Rates

Residence Hall Occupancy No. of Beds Spring Session SummerA/
Fall Session
CJ International
Single 114 2,000,000 KRW 500,000 KRW 1,000,000 KRW 2,000,000 KRW
Double 112 1,580,000 KRW 395,000 KRW 790,000 KRW 1,580,000 KRW
Anam Global House

Established in 2013, home for 406 students offering triplets, doubles and singles and has shower booth in each room. Anam Global House is also co-ed but it has a separate floor for female and male students.

Room Rates

Residence Hall Occupancy No. of Beds Spring Session SummerA/
Fall Session
Anam Global House
Single 100 1,580,000 KRW 395,000 KRW 790,000 KRW 1,580,000 KRW
Triple 150 880,000 KRW 220,000 KRW 440,000 KRW 880,000 KRW
Anam Dormitory II
This dormitory caters 68 students - both KU local and international male students. The building offers only triplets and shared bathrooms and shower stalls are on each floor.

Room Rates

Residence Hall Occupancy No. of Beds Spring Session SummerA/
Fall Session
Anam 2 Community
(Male Only)
68 780,000 KRW 195,000 KRW 390,000 KRW 780,000 KRW
Off-campus accommodation

There are quite a lot of private student accommodations called ‘Gositel’ around the campus. It is mostly like a tiny self-contained furnished room with shared kitchen and laundry. These accommodations vary widely in terms of room size, rate, meals, cleaning, and laundry services. Prices range from approximately 350,000 KRW to 700,000 KRW per month, and the average price is about
500,000 KRW. For more detailed information, please visit goshipages. (

Private studios are an open plan with a bathroom and a kitchen area. Often landlords of those privately owned studios require a security deposit (key money) ranging from 3,000,000KRW ~ 10,000,000KRW plus a monthly rental around 500,000 KRW depending on the size and the quality of the studio. Of course, if you are looking for something bigger than a small studio in Seoul, the more expensive the key money will be. The link is a list and pictures of privately owned studios around Korea University
Check list before signing a lease with Gositel or Studios
  1. What options does the studio/gositel come with?
  2. Does it have a washer and dryer?
  3. Is the laundry facility communal?
  4. What is inclusive in the monthly rent?
  5. Are utilities paid separately by each tenant?
  6. How much is the monthly maintenance fee?
  7. Is internet access provided?
  8. How is garbage disposed?
Korean Homestay
Private Homestay Korea ( can put students in touch with families willing to host for a homestay student, and reservations are available in English.
Check List before signing a lease with a homestay
  1. Does the boarding house offer only shared rooms? When is breakfast and dinner served?
  2. Do they let you use the kitchen?
  3. What is the bathroom facility like?
  4. How many people share each bathroom?
  5. Is there a dryer?
  6. How is the room furnished?
  7. Is there internet access? If so, is it free of charge?
  8. Do you do your own laundry or does the “manager/owner” do everyone’s laundry?
Temporary Short-term
Where to look if you need a place for a few days or weeks
As the university accommodation does not offer any short-term accommodation, students arriving freshly from overseas can choose to stay on a short-term accommodation until their long-term housing is arranged. The listed ones are mostly serviced residences that are 3-4 subway stops away from the campus.
Somerset Palace
Coop residence
Orakai Insadong Suites

Any inquiries for On-campus accommodation for international students: 02- 3290-1554 or

Any inquiries for Off-campus accommodation for KU International regular students : 02-3290-5179 or

Moreover, general information on housings in Seoul is also available at the Seoul Global Center website, ( > Living > Housing or other accommodation tips