Korea University offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships in recognition of outstanding academic performance. We also understand the challenge of financing your undergraduate studies abroad and think that tuition fee should not be a barrier to your passion to study.
In an effort to lessen the burden of financial hardships, we offer the need-based scholarship only for those who are in need of financial help.

When and How to apply

Status Types Benefits Conditions Contact
Academic Excellence
100% of tuition fee Students who have achieved
an outstanding GPA
Global Services Center
Academic Improvement
50% of tuition fee Students with significantly
improved GPA when compared
the previous two semesters
50% of tuition fee Students who are financially
  1. Eligibility

    Students must have;

    • Completed at least one semester at KU
    • Achieved at least 12 credits and GPA over 2.0 in the previous semester
    • No academic warning or no violation of academic regulations in the previous semester
  2. Application period
    • For Spring semester – January
    • For Fall semester – July
  3. How to apply
    • Academic Excellence Scholarship: Automatically applied without any application process
    • The detailed information will be available at 'Announcements' and on Portal(KUPID) in January for Spring semester and in July for Fall semester
    1. Go to
    2. Scholarship Application
    3. Select the scholarship type

    Extra documents required for the need based Scholarship are explanatory statement and supporting documents that can prove your financial situation such as letter from your academic advisor, income statement, tax payment statement, family relation certificate and so on.

  4. Result
    • Only the selected recipients would be notified by email from GSC
    • The value of scholarship would be automatically applied on recipient’s tuition invoice of the following semester. Please print out your tuition invoice and find out.

Things to note

  • Scholarships will be awarded within the budget range of KU
  • Recipient of the scholarship that covers 100% of tuition fee, should visit Hana bank on campus and make a ‘zero’ deposit during the enrollment period.
    However, we strongly recommend you to at least pay for the Mutual Health Aid Association fee, one of the optional fees, since having insurance during the entire study period in Korea has been made mandatory for all international students by the Ministry of Education.
  • Find more information about insurance at 'Insurance'

For any inquiries

+82-2-3290-5174, 5158