Part-time Work Permission

It is illegal for D-2 visa holders to obtain work outside of the university and earn an income without prior permission from the immigration. Student must prepare part-time work confirmation form together with other supporting documents specified below. Once part-time work permission is given, undergraduate student can work up to 25 hours per week and graduate students can work up to 30 hours per week. No number of working hour is specified for summer and winter vacations.

How to get Work Part-time permission

  1. Find a part-time Job
  2. Have your employer signed the Part-time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form & copy of a Certificate of Business Registration of the employer
  3. Bring your student ID card, transcript (min. GPA of 2.0) and ARC to our office and have it signed by the center
  4. Make an on-line reservation visit to the Sejongno Immigration office for apply to part-time work (S-3) permission (or online application to apply for the permission at hikorea)
  5. Receive permission from the immigration office
  6. Start working
Required Documents
  1. Receipt of the online reservation & Application Form
  2. Signed from both of employer and Global Services Center Part-time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form
  3. Alien Registration Card
  4. Certificate of Enrollment
  5. Transcript (min. GPA of 2.0)