About Us

Global Services Center is established in 2017 to enhance the academic experiences of international and exchange students by providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise in advising life on KU campus. With the rapid increase in number of international and exchange/visiting students, it is our mission to ensure our students receive maximum academic and cultural benefit from their stays on KU campus.

The Center is also a part of Korea University’s administration division offering services to our students, as well as supporting numerous academic departments to minimize the difficulties students may experience adjusting to their new life at Korea University and in Korea. In taking a comprehensive view of students, we also work to assist students to achieve their very best in their day-to-day lives, as the study abroad experience is not only about academics, but also has the potential to facilitate a life-changing experience of immense personal value.

The staff members of Global Services Center will be glad to offer our students any possible assistance on the life at Korea University