Academic Mentoring Program – KUCTL

Korea University facilitates various training programs to improve teaching capabilities in order to promote effective lectures and learning at Korea University Center for Teaching and Learning. For undergraduate and graduate students, various learning support programs are offered to meet the diverse demands of learners, thus enhancing self-directed learning abilities. In addition, through leading the Open Education Initiative, KU shares its excellent educational contents around the world to help maximize the effectiveness of pedagogical methods. It also spearheads the creation of a global learning environment via a real-time video lecturing system.

Our international students mostly participate in 1:1 Learning Coaching program as it is designed to meet students’ specific needs to improve their academic performance. Usually the center assigns graduate students from the same department to do weekly coaching. Please refer to KUCTL website ( for more detailed information. The process of how to apply for academic coaching program is shown below.

Academic Coaching – STEPS

  1. STEP 01
    Make a reservatioin by email
  2. STEP 02
    Visit the center
    - Application
    - Interview
  3. STEP 03
    Weekly Academic Coachig
    (Once a week, 50mins)
  4. STEP 04