What’s KUBA?

KUBA stands for Korea University Buddy Assistants and Exchange/Visiting students will have KUBA buddies when they arrive in Korea. During each vacation period, the Global Services Center recruits KU students (mostly second year students or higher) as a KUBA buddy to guide and help Exchange/Visiting students adjust to Korea University life. Buddies are selected on the basis of their language abilities, student involvement (including participation in societies and clubs at KU), and in-person interviews.
Exchange/Visiting students will be automatically registered as KUBA members and will receive e-mails from Korea University buddies before the semester starts.

Main Purposes of KUBA

  • Help in becoming familiar with Korea University and student resources
  • Assist in finding housing
  • Provide language and cultural exchange
  • Advise in course selections
  • Join in semester events and activities
  • Offer the opportunity for long-lasting friendships
  • Activities and Events

Activities and Events

Exchange/Visiting Students studying at KU have the opportunity to experience and participate in KU's events each month as follows. Through these experiences, even with the short-term duration of their stay in KU, students can learn about Korean culture and the KU spirit while building strong friendships.

  • Orientation (February, August)

    Before the semester starts, Exchange/Visiting students are required to attend orientation for Exchange/Visiting students which is held for 2-3 days. You will be able to understand about Korea University and get ready before the semester starts. It would also be the chance for you to meet not only KUBA buddies but also fellow Exchange/Visiting students from various countries.

  • Cheering Orientation (March, September)

    Korea University is also famous for its own cheering. Especially during the Annual Korea University - Yonsei University Sports Competition which is held at fall semester. You will be able to learn the KU’s own cheering and can get one step closer to KU life.

  • Field Day (April, September)

    Before the mid-term exam, you might feel you want to do some outdoor activities. Join the KUBA students and enjoy your time competing with other KUBA group buddies. Let’s see who the best team of this semester.

  • Field Trip (April, October)

    Most of the students are have become accustomed to KU life around this time of the semester. Exchange/Visiting students and KUBA members go on field trips to places near Seoul for a cultural experience twice a year in spring and fall. Students are able to spend their time to learn more about various aspects of Korean culture.


    IPSELENTI is held by Korea University's cheering squad on the last night of Korea University Festival (Daedongje). Those who cannot join Annual Korea University - Yonsei University Sports Competition, this will give you a chance to experience the cheering.

  • Annual Korea University - Yonsei University Sports Competition (September)

    KU students join together for the annual Korea University VS Yonsei University sports competition. This annual event has been likened to the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race held every spring. Over the two-day period, they compete in baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, and soccer. Exchange/Visiting students can enjoy both the sport games and also the cheering culture of Korea University.

  • International Students' Festival (May, November)

    International students with a sense of belonging to KU through various activities previously mentioned above are encouraged to be representatives for a culture events called "International Students’ Festival" At the event, international students from over 20 different countries set up booths to present the foods, clothes and games from their home countries. Approximately 700 KU and International students, including those from other domestic institutions enjoy this booth display event. At the fashion show, the second part of the festival, students will have a chance to show other students their countries’ traditional clothes.

    This event was first held to accelerate socialization between KU and international students and has been providing a much anticipated opportunity for both international students and KU students to break the ice with each other and to understand each country’s culture better by preparing and enjoying the event together.

  • Farewell Party (June, December)

    Finally, towards the end of the exchange experience, Exchange/Visiting students are invited to attend the farewell party. At the farewell party, students can look back how the semester was and receive a remembrance. This provides them with a great collection of memories of their time in at KU and Korea.