Visiting Program Application Guide

What is Visiting Student Program (VSP)

International undergraduate students whose home institutions do not have an exchange agreement with KU nor has links with ISEP can apply to the VSP.

The program details of SEP and VSP remain the same apart from the following:

  • VSP applicants do not have to be nominated by their home institution.
    KU VSP is open to all who satisfy the KU eligibility.
  • VSP applicants will solely be assessed on individual’s academic ability.
  • Visiting students directly pay for the application and tuition fee to KU.

* Before you start your Visiting Student Program application
1. Complete Step 1 Program and Personal Details (which includes 1.Study Program & Duration / 2. Personal Details).
2. Click 'Save & Next' at the bottom of the application page.
3. Check your email ('email 1' you have typed on the application page) inbox and spam box to see if you have received the email from Global Services Center. It would include the link to your application page.

* We strongly recommend you not to type your university account email for “email 1” since some of it blocks
   our automatic application email. Please write your private email account (e.g. gmail or hotmail).

  1. Undergraduate students from non-exchange universities should first consider consulting with a study abroad coordinator at their home university to facilitate the transfer of credits to be earned from KU in the future.

  2. To apply for VSP at KU, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Accurately complete the online application form with essential supporting documents
    • A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (GPA by US standard)
    • Must be a currently enrolled student
    • Must have studied for a minimum of 2 full semesters at home institution before the application period starts. Students are required to upload the transcript that shows they have completed at least 2 semesters with the grades they achieved.
    • For the transfer students, you should have completed at least 1 semester at your current home institution before the application starts.
  3. Tuition Fee KRW 4,600,000 (Approx. USD 4,000)

    After students receive approval from their home university they will need to complete online application during the application period. All visiting students are required to pay the tuition fee by the deadline given, which will be informed after the application period ends. Students will not be able to access the tuition payment page before/after the specified dates. The refund policy is as follows;

    Date Amount of Refund
    Before March 1 /
    Before September 1
    Full refund
    March 1 - March 31 /
    September 1 - September 30
    Five-sixths refund
    (Approximately 83%)
    April 1 - April 30 /
    October 1 - October 31
    Two-thirds refund
    (Approximately 67%)
    May 1 - May 31 /
    November 1 -
    November 30
    50% refund
    After June 1 /
    After December 1
    No refund
    • Fall semester (Sep-Dec): April 01 – April 30 (Korea Standard Time)
    • Spring semester (Mar-Jun): October 01 – October 31 (Korea Standard Time)
    • Original Academic Transcript
    • Personal Statement (A4 one-page)
    • Copy of Valid Passport

      Must be valid at least 3 months after your semester at KU ends

    • Certificate of Health (Can be found in Application page)

      Only the examination which is done within 3 months from the time of application for Student Exchange/Visiting Program is acceptable

    • Oath of Good Conduct (Can be found in Application page)
    • Health Insurance
    • One Certificate of Enrollment with consular confirmation or apostille

      Visiting student applicants from KU's partner universities can submit a CoE without consular confirmation.

      CoE with consular confirmation or apostille must be sent to upon application.

    • G.P.A conversion certificate or certification letter signed by the home university coordinator
  1. Please make sure to complete and upload all the required documents during the specified dates. If students are not able to meet the deadline, your application will be declined. Details will be given both in the application page and via e-mail.