Student Life

Cost of Living

Going to university can mean more costs than just tuition fees. Accommodation, books, study materials, transport and parking are all common expenses often overlooked.

Public Transport

Korea University Seoul campus is serviced by extensive bus and subway, offering fast and reliable services to and from the campus. Students can use SMART ID card as a smart card to pay public transit fares in bus, subway taxi and etc. Smart cards (T-Money or Student SAMRT ID) allow you to transfer from one bus line to another, or from a subway to a bus (or vice versa) at no extra charge, as long as you board the next leg within 30 minutes of getting off the bus/subway.

Free campus bus

Travel between the campuses (ie. Science campus, the CJ I-house and the main campus) has never been easier with a free shuttle bus.

  1. Campus bus Route : Garage(Anam Dormitory Gate) -> North Gate -> KU Lyceum -> College of Political Science & Economic, West Gate -> Science & Engineering campus, Shuttle Bus Stop -> College of Medicine -> Nokgee Stadium -> Korean Studies Hall -> Garage(Anam Dormitory Gate)
  2. The shuttle bus runs daily except on weekends and national holidays.
Books and equipment costs

Faculties or departments will often issue lists of books and equipment that you need to obtain. Mostly it is indicated in the course syllabus. With a little care, costs can be minimized. Students can become a member of KOPAS which runs as online flea market for secondhand textbooks. Look for 헌책방(전공책) menu at the top of the page for advertisement on secondhand books or equipment on sale. Student can also buy books and equipment at our Uni-Store. Uni-Store is your first stop if you need textbooks, academic publications, software, stationery or new novels. Uni-Store is located in central plaza for humanities and social sciences campus or in hana square at science/engineering campus.

  1. Log into -> Click 회원가입 -> 아이디입력(중복확인) -> 닉네임 입력(중복확인) -> 비밀번호입력 -> 가입약관 동의 후 회원가입 완료
  2. 위의 아이디/패스워드로 로그인할 경우 고파스 사이트 중간에 인증하기 버튼이 생성됨
  3. 인증하기 -> KUPID 포탈 아이디/패스워드 입력 후 인증하기 버튼누르기 -> 완료
    (가입한지 24시간 내에만 인증이 가능함)

Expenses Guide

The following is a guide to what an average student can expect to pay in 2021, including basic monthly expenses and costs of some regularly purchased items. All prices are in Korean Won and are intended as a guide for 2021 only.

  Single student living
Single student living
(private provider)
Single student living
Rent** School dorm
₩402,000(double room)
~₩501,000(single room)
₩5,000,000~₩10,000,000 Deposit ₩200,000~₩400,000
Utilities Included in dormitory expense ₩30,000~₩50,000 ₩30,000~₩50,000
Food Dormitory meal
(30 meals per month)
(50 meals per month)
₩300,000~₩500,000 ₩300,000~₩500,000
Mobile phone ₩30,000~₩110,000 ₩30,000~₩110,000 ₩30,000~₩110,000
Internet Included in dormitory expense ₩20,000~₩40,000
(Mostly included in maintenance fee)
(Mostly included in maintenance fee)
Public transport ₩70,000~₩110,000 ₩70,000~₩110,000 ₩70,000~₩110,000
Photocopying ₩30,000~₩40,000 ₩30,000~₩40,000 ₩30,000~₩40,000
Recreation ₩180,000~₩250,000 ₩180,000~₩250,000 ₩180,000~₩250,000
Total monthly expenses ₩822,000~₩1,161,000 ₩5,660,000~₩11,100,000 -
Other annual expenses in KRW
Textbooks and study materials ₩150,000~₩200,000
Clothing/personal ₩250,000~₩300,000
Health Insurance Monthly contributions for international students:₩43,490
Tuition fees ₩5,000,000(1semester)
Item costs in KRW & USD
Loaf of bread ₩3,000~₩7,000
1 litre carton of milk ₩2,500~₩4,000
Bottle of water (600ml) ₩1,100~₩1,500
Cup of coffee ₩3,000~₩8,000
Big Mac ₩5,900
Cinema ticket (student rate) ₩7,000~₩11,000
Bus tiket (student rate) ₩1,250~₩1,750

Reference List
1. Korean Price Index :
2. Anam dormitory :
3. Anam dormitory meal program :

Cafeterias and Restaurants

There are array of restaurants and cafes on campus, offering inexpensive and diversified food. With a little experimentation, you will find many fine dining places to eat, which suit your taste and pocket book. List of Restaurants and Cafes on campus

Student Cafeteria in Minju Square/Aegineung Student Center (Science Campus) You can find daily menu in university student cafeteria. Check daily menu Daily menus are only available in Korean

Apart from university running students cafeterias, students have opportunity to explore other restaurants and fast food shops on campus such as Burger King, Mom’s Touch, Bibigo, Mothers’s Bob, Lotteria and so on.

Convenience Stores

There are 6 convenience stores on campus where you can buy snacks, drinks or simple necessities.

Humanities and social science campus
  1. GS25 (Convenience Store), Central Plaza B1 / 7:00am~ 11:00pm (Mon~ Sat), 8:00am~ 10pm (Sun)
  2. Ministop (Convenience Store), Tiger Plaza G1 / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
  3. GS25 (Convenience Store), Uncho wooseon G1 / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
  4. Sky garden Cafe, College of Law building 6F / 8:00am~ 8:00pm
  5. Orgo (Snack Store, Cafe), University-Student Union Building / 8:00am~ 7:00pm
  6. GS25 (Convenience Store), Central Library B1F / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
  7. Ministop (Convenience Store), Hyundai Motor Hall B1F / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
  8. GS25 (Convenience Store), Next to University-Student Union Building / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
Science and Engineering Campus
  1. Ministop (Convenience Store), Hanasquare B1F / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
  2. Convenience store, Aegineung Student Center / 7:00am~ 10:00pm
  3. Ddo-rang (snack store), Aegineung Student Union Building / 7:00am~ 9:00pm
  4. Snack store, Techno Complex Research Center 1F / 7:00am~ 9:00pm
Post Office

There is a post office on humanities and social sciences campus. It is located at room#204 of International Studies Hall. There are daily mail service run for delivery of mails and parcels via normal or registered delivery. Students can also pay for bills for gas, electricity and water at the office. The post office also provides international money transfer service such as 'moneygram'. For more detailed information, student either visit or call 02-3290-1820.


Hana Bank is located in the building right next to the WOODANG hall. Usually student matters are handled on the first floor of the Hana bank. Anything related to the foreign currency or exchanging/transferring foreign currency is managed on the second floor of the building.
Students who wish to apply for SMART ID card (Student ID card that has a function of a debit card) should also visit this branch. The bank is open from 9:00am until 4:00pm Monday to Friday.
In Korea most of transactions are done with debit card in restaurants, stores, shopping centers and etc. Students can also use internet banking by applying for a digital authorized certificate(공인인증서). The instruction of applying for internet banking and use of the digital authorized certificate is provided by the Hana bank. Please refer to the map below for the location of the building.

ATM machines on Central Plaza/ Hana Square

Once students obtain debit card in Korea, she or he can use ATM machines that are on or off campus. The ATM machine service might be limited after 10:00 pm.