Alien Registration Card (ARC)

* The contents below are applicable to the undergraduates with student visa (D-2) only. For graduate students, please refer to ‘Visa & Immigration Guide for Graduate Students’.

Alien Registration Card (ARC) is an identification card for international students studying in Korea. It is illegal to take degree-seeking program without ARC regardless of the valid period of student visa (D-2). The students should apply for ARC as soon as arriving in Korea with student visa (D-2) before the beginning of the semester.

Required Documents for ARC Application
  1. Application form (downloadable at HiKorea)
  2. Passport, and one copy of the passport ID page (the page with your photo)
  3. Proof of Residency
  4. Application fee 30,000 KRW (in cash)

  • Steps for Alien Registration Card (ARC) Application
  • 1) Go to the immigration website (HiKorea) and make an online reservation for the visit to Sejongno Immigration Office
  • * Regardless of the place of residence, make a reservation to Sejongno Immigration Office
  • * It is impossible to apply without making online reservation first
  • 2)‘Certificate of Application for Permit of Stay‘ will be given by the immigration officer after the approval
  • 3) Register fingerprints in Room#1, 2nd floor, Sejongno Immigration Office before leaving
  • 4) It usually takes 2~3 weeks for the Alien Registration Card (ARC) to be issued
  • 5) If the student leaves Korea before the overall process is finished and the actual ARC is released, his/her student visa (D-2) will be automatically expired