Period of Study

The academic year runs from March to December and is made up of 2 terms at KU. The terms are approximately 16 weeks long. Exchange/Visiting students have a choice of 3 study periods:

  • Full academic year: March ~ December / September ~ June
  • Spring semester: March ~ June
  • Fall Semester: September ~ December

Credit Transfer

Exchange/visiting students can take max 19 credits per semester. Academic credits earned through this program can be transferred under the exchange regulations and used to satisfy degree requirements at their home institutions. Visiting students must check with their home institution regarding the credit acceptability of chosen courses. For each student who has completed his/her courses successfully, a certified transcript of academic performance will be sent to the student’s home institution upon request.


Each student’s academic performance is graded according to the following criteria:
exams and assignment results, attendance, and class participation. Students usually take regular examinations twice per semester (mid-term and final). They may also be given additional assignments by their professors. A minimum 70% of attendance is required in order for a student to earn a passing grade. Student’s performance is normally graded on a 100 point scale.

100~95 A+
94~90 A
89~85 B+
84~80 B
79~75 C+
74~70 C
69~95 D+
64~60 D
59 F(Failure)

Academic Transcripts

For exchange/visiting students who have completed their whole semester(s) at KU, a ‘Transcript of Academic Records’, which lists the courses taken, grades and the number of credits earned for each course, will be issued. The very first copy of the official transcript will be sent to their home institutions for exchange students and to their residences for visiting students in January and July with free of charge. However, transcripts will not be available if financial obligations to KU have not been met. The very first copy of transcript will be issued and sent out only after all the necessary documents are submitted. Additional transcripts may be requested.

Course Offerings

KU offers many courses in English in various disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and the number is increasing every year. Please note that it is not guaranteed that the same courses are offered every year but normally there are only minor changes. It is important that you ensure that your intended courses will be offered in your registered semester. The list of courses offered in English is updated and available for you to check online in January for spring semester and in July for fall semester on (http://sugang.korea.ac.kr > English > Major Subject (or General Subject)).

For further details, please check > After Acceptance > Step 3. Course Registration