Exchange Program Application Guide

What is Student Exchange Program (SEP)

KU has established extensive links with many universities internationally through its student exchange program (SEP), which was developed as part of its internationalization process. This program now involves almost two thousand students to and from countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

The benefits of KU exchange students vary according to the terms and conditions of the exchange agreement KU has concluded with each institution. Based on the principle of reciprocal exchange of benefits, our standard exchange agreements regulate student tuition fee waivers at host universities. However, students are responsible for their accommodation. Exchange students are also responsible for their own travel, medical insurance and other personal expenses.

Moreover, KU entered into an agreement for student exchange with International Student Exchange Programs(ISEP), a membership organization of worldwide higher-education institutions. To apply for ISEP at KU, please consult the ISEP coordinator at your university or for more information about ISEP, please visit (

  1. Only currently enrolled students of partner institutions that KU has an exchange agreement with, and of ISEP member institutions are eligible to apply to the SEP.

    All applicants are required to secure the approval of their home university and then submit the completed application to the Global Services Center at KU.

    KU retains the right to review the students nominated for SEP by their home institution and to make a final decision concerning admission.

  2. To apply for SEP at KU, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Accurately complete the online application form with essential supporting documents
    • A minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (GPA by US standard)
    • Must be a currently enrolled student
    • Must have studied for a minimum of 2 full semesters at home institution before the application period starts. Students are required to upload the transcript that shows they have completed at least 2 semesters with the grades they achieved.
    • For the transfer students, you should have completed at least 1 semester at your current home institution before the application starts.
  3. Each partner institution has its own nomination process as to select their students who would study abroad. For this reason, if you wish to study at Korea University, please contact your home institution study abroad coordinator for the detailed instructions. Once you are nominated from your university, then you are able to apply through Korea University application page.

  1. You can apply for Exchange program only after you are nominated from your university. After your nomination is confirmed, you will receive a link to apply to Korea University via email. Please make sure you give most frequently used e-mail address to your study abroad advisor.

    • Fall semester (Sep-Dec): April 01 – April 30 (Korea Standard Time)
    • Spring semester (Mar-Jun): October 01 – October 31 (Korea Standard Time)
    • Original Academic Transcript
    • Personal Statement (A4 one-page)
    • Copy of Valid Passport

      Must be valid at least 3 months after your semester at KU ends

    • Certificate of Health (Can be found in Application page)

      Only the examination which is done within 3 months from the time of application for Student Exchange/Visiting Program is acceptable

    • Oath of Good Conduct (Can be found in Application page)
    • Official Bank Statement (will be required upon the acceptance notice)

      For non-OECD country nationals, only the original copy by post can be accepted.

    • [For non-OECD country nationals only] an official Enrollment Certificate of the current home university with Apostille or Consular confirmation should be sent by post.
    • Health Insurance
    • G.P.A conversion certificate or certification letter signed by the home university coordinator
  2. Please make sure to complete and upload all the required documents during the specified dates. If students are not able to meet the deadline, your application will be declined. Details will be given both in the application page and via e-mail.