Leave of Absence and Returning

* The contents below are applicable to the undergraduates with student visa (D-2) only. For graduate students, please refer to ‘Visa & Immigration Guide for Graduate Students’.

Leave of Absence

The international student with student visa (D-2) can apply for leave of absence in case of financial, family, or any other issue that makes difficult to take classes. He/she can take leave of absence for maximum 6 semesters until graduation.

Student visa (D-2) is valid only when the student registers and studies at the university. Thus, as the student applies for leave of absence, his/her visa will be terminated regardless of the expiry date written on the back of Alien Registration Card (ARC). Also, he/she must leave Korea within 15 days from the date of occurrence.

Since international student cannot apply for leave of absence via portal (KUPID), he/she must fill in the application form and submit it to the affiliated department office in person. To prevent any confusion or trouble over this issue, visit GSC and receive counseling beforehand.
* How to download the application form for leave of absence: go to registrar.korea.ac.kr → 서식 → click "휴학원서 (학부/대학원)”
* Only the extension of the period for leave of absence can be done via email by sending the copy of the form to the department office

Returning (Reinstatement)

In order to resume the study at Korea University, the international student must obtain student visa (D-2) with new Certificate of Admission (CoA), one of the requirements for student visa (D-2).

To receive new Certificate of Admission (CoA), the student must contact the department office and apply for the reinstatement first. After the reinstatement is approved, GSC will contact him/her and guide the procedures for new Certificate of Admission (CoA). It takes around 2 weeks ~ 1 month for the application for the reinstatement and Certificate of Admission (CoA) issuance to be done. Hence, it is important to apply as early as possible.

The student can collect the Certificate of Admission (CoA) either by visiting GSC office in person or receiving it via postal mail. Then, he/she can apply for new student visa (D-2) with Certificate of Admission (CoA) and other requirements.

In case of receiving the Certificate of Admission (CoA) by postal mail, mailing fee (3,000 KRW for domestic/30,000KRW for international) must be paid to GSC. Details on it will be given individually.

As the student has already experienced during the freshman year, some of the requirements for student visa (D-2) take long time to be issued. Thus, the student should contact the Korean embassy or consulate in advance to figure out the documents needed for the visa application. Please be reminded that it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the student visa (D-2) before the semester begins.
* The application period for leave of absence/reinstatement starts 2 months before the start of semester (Jan/Jul).
* How to download the reinstatement form: go to registrar.korea.ac.kr → 서식 → click " 일반 복학원서 (학부/대학원)"

In addition to the leave of absence, participation in study abroad program (outbound) such as exchange/visiting student, or double-degree program for more than one semester also leads to the termination of student visa (D-2).