After Acceptance

  1. Exchange/visiting students are basically supposed to obtain a visa from Korean Embassy or Consulate in their home country before departure to Korea.

    Basic Required Documents

    • Certificate of Admission (provided by KU)
    • Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] (provided by students home institution)
    • Certificate of Registration (may vary according to the Korean Embassy or Consulate)

    Additional Required Document

    Those who have Chinese nationality
    Important Notice for Chinese nationality students

    Those who have Chinese nationality must obtain the visa from the country where their home institution is located. Documents mentioned below are all provided by students home institution

    • Memorandum of Understanding [MOU](provided by students home institution)
    • Certificate of Enrollment
    • Academic Transcript
    • Reference letter
    Those from other countries
    • Additional documents may vary according to the Korean Embassy or Consulate where they apply. To directly contact the Embassy is recommended.

    Notice for Non-US Citizens applying for a Korean Visa in the U.S
    • Visa holder cannot apply if the visa has expired
    • Visa holders who have been in the U.S for.less than 2 years can not apply in the U.S.(Temporary visit to other countries during the stay in the U.S. will be not counted as leaving the U.S.)
    • The rules mentioned above may vary depending on the Consulate. Please check the Consulate in your region first.
  2. There are various accommodations near the campus.
    The on-campus accommodation has designated date to apply. Students will be informed the application dates when they receive the Admission package from Korea University. The dates are strictly kept.

    There are also various off-campus housings where international students can stay per semester or year. Students can contact the off-campus manager and reserve their room.

    For the details, please refer to Student Services > Accommodation.

  3. Important Notice for Exchange/Visiting Student

    Korea University has student limitation quota at each department/classes, so we cannot guarantee you will be able to take ALL the courses you wish to take. Therefore, if you have any essential courses you need to take for graduation we suggest you to take it at your home university.

    Course List & Syllabus

    • URL: (http://sugang.korea.ac.kr) > English > Major Subject (or General Subject).
    • The syllabuses are available by clicking 'Course No.'
    • You are able to search the courses without logging in.
    • If the courses are not available, please select the previous year and see the past syllabuses. They will be similar
    1. Select Year and Term (e.g. 2017, Spring)
    2. Select College/School and Department. [Major Subject]
      (e.g. College of Political Science and Economics, Department of Economics)
      Select General Studies and Course Classification [General Subject]
    3. Click on 'Search'
    4. Click on the Course No. link to see the syllabus.

    If the course syllabus has not been uploaded, please refer to the one from the previous corresponding semester. (e.g. If the student is attending fall semester 2017, they can refer to fall 2016). As long as the course number and title are the same, taught by the same professor, the syllabus will be similar.

    • Courses conducted in English indicate in brackets, English.
    • For the latest course list, students are required to check it in January for spring semester and in July for fall semester.

    Course Registration Regulation

    • Credit Hours: 1 credit is generally equivalent to 1 class hour per week throughout 16 weeks except exam period. However, Korean classes may require more class hours than the other subjects.
    • Students at undergraduate level are NOT allowed to take graduate courses.

    How to Access Course Registration Website

  4. All international students are required to submit a copy of private health insurance that covers entire stay in Korea after they have been admitted to Korea University. The deadline for its submission will be notified on application page and in Letter of Acceptance. Those who fail to do so will NOT be given the right to register any courses.

  5. Please make sure to double check the important dates before you purchase your tickets. For exchange/visiting students, you can request airport pick-up for designated dates. Details will be informed afterwards.