Student Disability Center - KUCSD

Korea University Disability Support Center is committed to support our international students so that they have equal access to educational opportunities.


Students requesting support must first establish eligibility by providing documentation of an impairment that limits a major life activity. The university reserves right to request supplemental information to verify students current limitations. Documentations must include 1) a clear statement of the existence of an impairment 2) a summary indicating the current functional limitations and their extent and relevant information regarding student’s medical, educational and learning history and current concerns. All documentation should be either in Korean or English.

Academic support

Priority in course registration, helper for class, classroom adjustment, support for studying, support for writing exams.

College life support

Mentoring programs for new students with disabilities, priority in dormitory assignment, support for mobility on campus. For international students, please forward all your queries to Global Services Center at or +82-2-3290-5173

For more info or inquiries,