ARC Extension

* The contents below are applicable to the undergraduates with student visa (D-2) only. For graduate students, please refer to ‘Visa & Immigration Guide for Graduate Students’.

For undergraduates, Alien Registration Card (ARC) is usually valid for 2 years. Students must remember the expiry date of their stay written on the back of Alien Registration Card (ARC), since the students are responsible for its extension.

ARC extension can be made either by visiting Sejongno Immigration Office in person or applying online (for the steps on applying online, click here). It can be done 4 months before the expiry date. Since immigration office becomes busy during the beginning of the semester (March/September), it is recommended to extend Alien Registration Card (ARC) in advance to avoid the crowd and delay in the application.

Required Documents
  1. Application form
  2. Passport
  3. Alien Registration Card (ARC)
  4. Application fee 60,000 KRW (in cash)
  5. Proof of Residency
  6. Certificate of Registration (on the date of application)
  7. Transcript
    • Certificate of Registration & Transcript can be issued at One-Stop Service Center
    • (Humanities Campus) Central Plaza B1 Rm.111 / (Science Campus) Hana Square B1
  8. Financial Statement (student’s own bank account in Korea)
    • applicable to the students with GPA under C (2.0) ONLY
    • 4,800,000 KRW/6 months; 9,600,000 KRW/1year for extension
  9. Tuberculosis Test Certificate (required to the students from 19 countries listed below ONLY):
    • Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam
    • If the applicant has never submitted after 2016. 3. 2, it is mandatory to resubmit it
    • Visit Seongbuk-gu Community Health Center (성북구보건소) for issuance (bring passport)
  10. Additional documents required for undergraduates taking EXTRA SEMESTERS(S) after coursework
    ① Explanatory Statement for Extra Semester(s)(Undergraduate)
    ② Financial Statement (student’s own bank account in Korea)
    • 4,800,000 KRW/6 months; 9,600,000 KRW/1year for extension

* Who are the students taking EXTRA SEMESTER(S)? (on the date of application)
  - General students: who have registered for 9 semesters or more (Architecture department: 11 semesters or more)
  - Transfer students: who have registered for 5 semesters or more (Architecture department: 7 semesters or more)