Part-Time Work Permission

* The contents below are applicable to the undergraduates with student visa (D-2) only. For graduate students, please refer to ‘Visa & Immigration Guide for Graduate Students’.

Student visa (D-2) holders must obtain prior permission from Global Services Center (GSC) and the immigration office to work outside the university. Before start working, prepare ‘Part-Time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form’ with other supporting documents specified below for the approval. It is considered as illegal employment to work before the immigration office’s permission.
* For exchange/visiting students, they need to complete 1 semester in order to apply for part-time job.

Applicant Eligibility
1) Alien Registration Card (ARC) with student visa (D-2)
2) GPA over C (2.0) in the previous semester *on the date of application
3) Currently enrolled at KU (less than 8 semesters of enrollment)
  • students taking extra semester(s) cannot apply for part-time work
  • Who are the students taking extra semester(s)? (on the date of application)
  • General students: have registered 9 semesters or more (Architecture department: 11semesters or more)
  • Transfer students: have registered 5 semesters or more (Architecture department: 7 semesters or more)

Steps for Part-Time Work Permission

1) Get a Part-Time Work
  • Prepare the following 3 documents proving the employment:
  • Copy of the Certificate of Business Registration (of the workplace)
  • Standard Employment Contract (Working period and hours, hourly wage, and job duty must be stated specifically)
  • Employer & Student’s signatures needed
2) Visit GSC (get a signature)
  • Bring 3 documents from #1 to GSC office with extra requirements below:
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Transcript of the previous semester
  • Official TOPIK score report (if applicable)
3) Permission from Sejongno Immigration Office
  • Bring the documents from #1 & #2 confirmed by GSC with Alien Registration Card (ARC)
4) Start Working
Maximum Work Hours
Applicant Weekly Permitted Work Hours
Weekdays Weekends, holidays and vacations
1st – 2nd year with TOPIK level 3 or above 25 No limit
3rd – 4th year with TOPIK level 4 or above 25 No limit
Any student without required TOPIK level 10 (including Weekends, holidays and vacations)
  1. * Only official TOPIK score reports are accepted; it cannot be replaced with KU Korean Language Center certificates
  2. * If the student is majoring in International Studies (as 1st major), he/she needs to submit the proof issued from the affiliated department office that all of his/her classes are held in English; TOPIK score report may not be needed

Examples of Allowed Types of Part-Time Work (permission needed)
  1. · Translation/Interpretation
  2. · Restaurant assistant
  3. · Office assistant
  4. · Tour guide assistant
  5. · Duty-free shop sales assistant

Types of Part-Time Work Exempted from Permission (permission not needed)
  1. · Internship, research projects, or any other participation for acquiring credits
  2. · Working at the home institution as a class assistant, librarian, etc
  3. · Temporary assisting of house chore or office work
  4. · Participation in a movie, show, or event for once only
  5.   * For more details, contact GSC individually

Restricted Types of Part-Time Work
  1. · Private tutoring
  2. · Construction
  3. · Manufacturing
    • Exceptionally allowed for permission if:
    • The workplace falls under manufacturing industry with other type of business (Ex. Sales & manufacture, café & manufacture, etc)
    • must be stated on the Part-Time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form
  1. · Any other fields that are against the social order and virtue (Ex. Adult entertainment, casino, etc)

Permitted Work Period & places
  1. Working period: maximum one year within the coursework period
  2. Working places: limited to work at two places at once

Change in Workplace
  1. The student must report the change in workplace within 15 days of occurrence. He/she can change the place with different employer within the permitted period of part-time work. The report can be made by visiting Sejongno Immigration Office in person.

  1. It is mandatory for the student to get a permission from the immigration office before start working. Otherwise, it is considered as an illegal employment, leading to serious penalty on both the employer and the student (Ex. Deportation, restriction on part-time work, etc)